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Tuesday, October 19, 2004

With the roof completed, the interior partitions were the next task. Scroll down to see a number of interior views of Vertebrae lodge during framining and some shots of the final product.

The first floor ready for interior framing. The wall has been cut to receive a partition wall. Gaps are left above the partition walls to allow for shrinkage in the building. These gaps are covered with a spruce skirting board attached only at the top.

The future games room and bar area with the stairs to the dining hall and upstairs bedrooms.

Framing the drying room. Matt and matt place a plate for the partition that will separate the drying room from the bar and games room.

Lower floor beddroom hallway. At the end, the bar and games room is to the right and the drying room and front door are to the left.

The roof steel did not quite beat the first snow of the year. If was very close, but Mother nature won. However, the lodge was completed for the first clients, and that is what mattered.

It's a long way up. With the steel finally on, it almost rains inside for the first while, whenever the sun is out.

The dining hall and kitchen space before kitchen framing. The floor probably still carries snow and ice.

Future staff quarters and massage rooms adorned with second of Dave's beams.

The insulation crew hard at work. The interior of the building is a lot darker with the roof complete.

The stairs from the dining hall to the mezzanine above the kitchen.

Beams and rafters and lots of insulation.

The mezzanine above the kitchen. For the first year, the insulation and vapour barrier will remain exposed. In 2003, the ceilings and gable ends will be paneled with spruce boards.

The range arrives. This Vertebrae lodge and Spruce lodge ranges are the only propane appliances.

A fridge and a walk-in freezer appear in the kitchen.

In the drying room, clothing racks appear with hot air piping and vents for hanging and drying boots and gloves.

The bar starts to take shape

A bathroom takes shape. There is one in each guest bedroom, containing a shower and a toilet. A vanity with a sink is located in the bedroom, behind the bathroom door.

Sitting area off dining hall, between kitchen and front wall. It is overlooked by the mezzannine. A quiet corner near the coffee.

Original drying room before move to Solitude Lodge. Hot air tubing rises within the racks.

Dining hall from mezannine above kitchen, The round tables were used through 2004 for 24 guests plus staff. The expansion in 2005 increased the guest compliment to 36.

The dining hall in full swing showing the entry to the staff and massage rooms from the mezzanine. This is in 2004, after the wall and ceiling paneling had been completed.

The dining room kitted out for 36 guests in addition to staff. Moving from six or seven round tables to four long rectangular tables has accommodated the extra guests and staff without crowding.

Part of the kitchen interior.

A typical finished bedroom, taken from the bathroom door. A vanity and sink and wall mirrors are located in the bedrooms, to the right.

The finished bar. It's difficult to get a picture of the bar without people draped over it.

The expanded bar in Vertebrae lodge after the completion of Solitude Lodge in 2004. The half of the room behind the photographer contains a pool table, a foozeball table and more sitting areas.

Games room and Bar. With the completion of Solitude Lodge, the far wall will be removed to expand the games room into the drying room. For more recent views, see the "Lodge Life at Chatter Creek" photo gallery.

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